Happy customers. Increased profits. U-SELECT TECH!

We can help!

Say "NO MORE" to missed VSC sales!

And say "YES" to a VSC that's:

  • Low-cost
  • The perfect "second chance" option
  • Designed for today's consumers

Say "NO MORE" to angry customers!

And say "YES" to customers that:

  • Sing your praises - even Millennials
  • Return as repeat business
  • Recommend you to friends 

Say "NO MORE" to low profit margins!

And say "YES" to high profit margins based on:

  • Low cost
  • Increased sales
  • Time saved not dealing with problems

Keep them happy!


We get it, because we're "car guys" too!

Customers don't care that their vehicles utilize dozens of fragile high-tech systems each time they ride down the road. They're angry that their broken navigation system prevented them from arriving at their appointment on time! They're angry that their entertainment system is on the blink so  their kids are ricocheting around the back seat! And they just want these things fixed with NO HASSLE and NO CHARGE! 

U-SELECT TECH get's them rolling fast and free! 

The SIMPLE next step!

1. Contact a PPT guide.

2. Tailor a program right for you.

2. Tailor a program right for you.


Click the "Be their HERO!" button, below. We'll get to know you and your dealership so we can help you reach your goals.

2. Tailor a program right for you.

2. Tailor a program right for you.

2. Tailor a program right for you.


We get it, your store is unique and so are you. So why use a cookie-cutter product plan? Your PPT guide will work with you to customize a road map to your goals.

3. Be their HERO!

2. Tailor a program right for you.

3. Be their HERO!


We'll help you be your customers' HERO; earning their trust and admiration so they'll not only come back themselves, but send their families and friends!

We CAN help!


That all sounds great, but... I love my current VSC!

That's great! We don't want to replace your current VSC, we want to augment it by creating ADDITIONAL SALES from customers who say no to your current offerings!

My customers can't afford it.

With an average RETAIL price of $795 (or about 50 cents a day) your customers can't afford NOT to buy it!

Does it cover the things that break?

U-SELECT TECH's impressive coverage includes:

  • Navigation and heads-up
  • Audio/Surround Sound, includes speakers
  • Rear entertainment and gaming
  • USB ports
  • HomeLink®/garage door controller
  • Heated and cooled seats
  • Blind spot monitoring control module
  • Rear, front and side mounted cameras
  • Keyless entry and remote start sensors
  • And dozens more

I see a lot of new products, why should I trust you?

Check us out! 

  • Contact your state IADA or one of our many customers.
  • We're backed by  Fortegra Financial Corporation and have an A+ rating!

It's hard to get started selling.

It couldn't be easier! Just click the "Be their HERO" button and a Peak Performance Team guide will get you going! 

Take the leap and be their HERO today!

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